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I don’t want to go home!

Our daughter is the littlest kid at Jingle Bells and absolutely adores being there. Super friendly and gender-balanced staff, family oriented place, lots of school and extra-school activities.

— Radka O. – Czech Republic

Top Preschool

Our son Adam, has been enrolled in Jingle Bells for over a year and the greatest thing we can say is that he is truly happy. He is always ready to go to school, and never wants to leave to go back home. Furthermore he is fluent in English after one year. The team comprised essentially of native speakers is friendly and very open. Great for your little ones.

— Marcela & Rene

Great Preschool

Our son Oliver has been attending Jingle Bells for about a year now and I can honestly say that he is really happy and very well-adjusted. He loves his school and is always looking forward to seeing his friends and teachers. His english is great and he’s made a remarkable progress in many different areas. Members of the school’s staff are all absolutely wonderful and super-friendly professionals. We are thrilled to have found such a fantastic school here in Prague. Thank you!

— Lenka F. – Czech Republic

Just can recommend

Our little daughter and son started in Jingle Bells last September. Every afternoon I picked them up after school they started to tell a lot of interesting and nice stories they had experienced during the day in the preschool and proudly presented us their „work” they made during the activities. The teachers are friendly, pay attention even on small details, so I just can recommend Jingle Bells.

— A.B.

Happy Preschool

Our daughter Nicole came to Jingle Bells in April and she settled down there from the very first day! She can’t wait to go to Jingle Bells every day to see her friends and teachers. I can say my daughter is very happy in Jingle Bells because of the friendly and professional teachers and homely atmosphere. There are lots of activities, games and educational lessons in Jingle Bells. I would recommend Jingle Bells to all my friends!

— Julia Thomas – Czech Republic

Big Family” atmosphere

The facility is very cosy. There is much focus on playground time and free play too, which we think is essential for kids, however sometimes not provided in fashionable private preschools. The teachers have a very straightforward, open communication with both kids and parents. Our kids have not only learned English brilliantly but have also developed great social skills thanks to mixed age activities, and support from their teachers to solve issues. They also found during their school day lots of inspiration for their love for music and their good sense of humor. The teacher/child ratio is exceptionally good in my view. That must be one of the reasons why our teachers know our kids so perfectly well as is always confirmed by our chats and evaluation talks about our kids. Our teachers are very flexible and always available whether we have a question, a concern or good news to share.

— Alaut –

Great Preschool in Prague

Jingle Bells Preschool was recommended to us five years ago by friends. Our son started when he was three years old and even though he spoke no English he immediately felt comfortable with the very friendly atmosphere at Jingle Bells. He started picking up English very quickly! He enjoyed every day of his three and half years and still likes to visit the preschool to see his friends and favorite teachers. When we saw how much he liked Jingle Bells and the progress he was making with English, we had no doubt that his little sister would also be happy at Jingle Bells! The school also offers lots of indoor and outdoor activities which our three year old daughter really enjoys! I can only recommend this school for anyone who is looking for friendly atmosphere, lots of art and music and focuses on developing language skills of their children.

— M.Lacova – Slovakia

I recommend Jingle Bells because my son is really happy here. He had trouble settling in another school and was very unhappy, but he felt very comfortable quickly at Jingle Bells, as did I. Jingle Bells has a good atmosphere. I like to see my son sitting on a teacher’s lap, reading a book when I arrive in the afternoon or playing happily with his friends. The older children are very kind and friendly to the younger children.


We were looking for a different kind of school for our three-year-old boy because he was not comfortable in his classroom. Through friends, we discovered Jingle Bells.
The educational programme seemed to be really perfect for our child. He was quickly integrated in the group even though he arrived after the start of the school year. He was comfortable very soon even though he did not understand English at the beginning.
The patience of the teachers is exemplary!!
Our boy enjoyed all the activities and he was more confident within a few weeks, becoming a happy boy at school.
Naturally, although learning English is a positive point, the most important aspect for us is that the learning in this school is tailored exactly to the individual’s needs, personal development and fulfilment.
For his little sister, we will not hesitate to register her at Jingle Bells when she is old enough!


Jingle Bells is great school offering relaxed and homely atmosphere for children. All three of my sons really like the school and the teachers, who have their admiration and authority at the same time.
One of our objectives when selecting schools was for our sons to learn English and Jingle Bells delivered on it 100%. Within one school year our children were able to fluently communicate in English. This was achieved by not giving children any chance to escape into their native language because the staff is composed of native speakers. The program in Jingle Bells is rich and varied; children are never bored there. The main thing for me as a mother is that my sons are happy at school and they are looking forward to attending each day.

— J.S. – Czech Republic

Ferrari among kidergartens

This is the school, where your child is given not only first class care, education, language and attention, but also freedom, responsibility, confidence and open mind. They have the best teachers, they have enough of them to be able to give the attention to all kids and they always have 50% female and 50 % male teachers, which is something unheard of nowadays.
I also must mention the music and FUN the kids are around all day, fun school trips and activities as well as the classes under British National Curriculum. My daugher Mia loves every single minute of it !

— Dita Vrbecka – Czech Republic

Great Kindergarten

Our older son has joined Jingle Bells Kindergarten & Preschool when he was 2.5 years old and with no previous knowledge of English. He enjoyed attending this school very much almost right from the first day and his English improved very fast. He is the best in English in his class today and I am sure it is very much so due to the solid start he got at Jingle Bells. We did not hesitate for a second as to where to put our second son when he was big enough to enter preschool.
All the teachers of Jingle Bells are great, smart, educated and sweet people who are there always for the kids. Very flexible approach to the needs of every child and also every parent. The program is very diverse and thus never boring for the kids. Our sons especially loved horse riding and swimming days as well as sightseeing trips or visits of theater shows. Great location of the school allowing the kids to be out in the park almost every day.
When our kid started to attend I remember how I was taken by surprise when I would pick him up after lunch. The peaceful atmosphere, kids reading books, resting, sometimes accompanied by guitar sound played by one of the teachers. No stress, no crying, just an easy, very relaxed atmosphere. It is then when I understood that it is the best kindergarten that we knew of.
We can fully recommend this lovely school.

— Alexandra Semadar – Czech Republic

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