- Prices

School Fees

– The school fees include all meals and activities on our weekly schedule; there are NO hidden charges

– It is possible to pay monthly, per term or annually – A 5% discount is issued for those paying bi-annually and 10% for those paying annually.

– It is possible to pay directly to our bank account or in cash at the start of each calendar month

– We offer up to a 2000 kc per month discount if you have more than one child at school

– Each child attending full-time is entitled to a discount of 40% for 5 x 1 week periods in the case of sickness or personal holiday. The discounts are issued in  in June for the period of September to June. The maximum discount for one school year is 8000 kc per child.

– Children attending part-time will be able to make up the days they have missed due to illness