- Meals


Three meals per day included in the school fee.

– Ham, salami, cheese, honey or jam sandwiches served on a choice of wholegrain or white bread or crackers
– Fresh salad vegetables
– A choice of water or warm fruit tea to drink

Our lunches are prepared and delivered hot by Bionea – Bio Meals for Preschools

– Each meal starts with a bowl of healthy BIO vegetable, chicken, beef, noodle, mushroom or tomato soup
– BIO Fish, chicken, beef or pork is served as a main course with pasta, rice, boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes, for example
– Every meal is served with 2 helpings of vegetables (steamed, pickled or raw)
– A choice of water or diluted 100% juice


– Bread sticks, pretzels, biscuits and crackers
– Fresh fruit
– A choice of water or very diluted juice

It is also possible for the children to bring their own snacks and/or lunch and their own drinks. We ask you not to send sugary snacks or drinks as they can help the child to become over-excited.

We are happy to accommodate any special dietary needs be they allergy related, medical, religious beliefs or lifestyle choices.